Blended Learning is the what, Instructional Design is the how

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img_8286I recently participated in a lively debate about how can we help our students learn best?

The debate was centered on the topic of blended learning – what it is and how can we use it to make learning effective and efficient.  It was evident to me after following the debate that there are many different opinions and ideas floating around.  And while this is a healthy and important debate to have, I want to spend a few minutes discussing how I view blended learning at VRG and make clear why I believe this approach can help our students learn best.

First of all, let’s talk about the ”what” and then work backward to the ”how”.  Adapted from the Clayton Christensen Institute definition, we define blended learning as:

blended learning vrg

What does that really mean?  This means that if we are doing it right, blended learning activities will enableour students and

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One thought on “Blended Learning is the what, Instructional Design is the how

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