Learning Biology in the great outdoors!

Learning @ VR Schools

IMG_3475Tyresta National Park is a fantastic resource for teachers, students and anyone who lives near Stockholm. The park is full of pristine hiking areas.  Due to the forest fire that raged there in 1999, visitors have the opportunity to see and discuss many interesting ecological processes in a beautiful and dramatic (biologically speaking) setting.

On May 24, all Biology 1 students from VRG traveled to the national park and walked through the forest areas to the fire area. On the way, we discussed flora and fauna, as well as listened to our most common birds. A guide showed us around in the fire area and told us about how nature changes after a fire.  We learned about species that thrive only when the soil warms up, such as the beautiful flowers who went into full bloom after the fire.

Students also got to go on a tour of Nature…

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